Jay Beaman
I joined Parks Canada in the summer of 1971 to take over responsibility for the Canadian Outdoor Recreation Demand Study (CORDS). As one can read by going to the CORDS link, by 1971 a lot of data had been collected and some plans for analysis were formulated. Gordon Taylor had started this work before taking over responsibility for Tourism Canada. He brought in Jack Knetsch whoes planning study you’ll find in CORDS documents you can access. And .....
As part of CORDS a variety of practical initiatives arose.  .....
CORD was wrapping up in 1976 but need for goal related research in Parks Canada was growing.
I’m not going to try to give a history of research in Parks Canada but rather, I’m providing access to some documents that it is likely that you cannot easily obtain. With a number of the documents, I’ll provide commentary about their original and or continuing significance.

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General Work Background