Jay Beaman
Jay Beaman – 2014
My general background can be summarized briefly. I was born in Topeka, Kansas in 1939. Academic pursuits in school were paralleled by scouting activities, which resulted in receiving the Eagle Scout and Pro Deo et Patria awards. Before leaving high school I began a 3 year "career" as summer program director, with a staff of 5 or 6 persons, for a large scout camp. I followed my family to Canada in 1958 after 1 year of university in the U.S.A. In Canada I completed my BA and MA. While finishing my MA and prior to going to Cornell for my PhD, I started my real working life. Work has included being a researcher in physics, sociology, leisure, tourism, demography, economics and physical education; teaching mathematics, sociology and recreation-leisure studies at universities; working as a consultant for others and, with my own company; and working for the government.
My work experience has provided me with extensive managerial and other experience. Managing Problems Research Ltd. gave me four years of experience in paying my own way. I hustled business. As the company expert in operations research and computing, I consulted with managers of other companies to help them improve their business performance. I worked independently or with a mechanical engineer, recreation planner, town planner or other specialist, as needed. I worked on such projects as optimal truck routing, inventory control, optimal warehouse design to meet certain engineering and inventory criteria, optimal recreation facility design, and urban renewal studies (see selected special experience section). Both within Auctor and while participating in and directing research at Parks Canada, I have worked to tight deadlines, within small budgets, faced changed priorities, and dealt with a variety of project management matters.


General Work Background
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