Jay Beaman
Jay Beaman – 2014

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Within the past several years Dr. Beaman has been involved in a variety of research. Much of this involvement has been working as a “volunteer” on a team with any compensation being payment of some expenses. Work with colleagues at Colorado State, National ChaiYi University, Government of Canada and elsewhere have resulted in the publications listed under “recent” (since 1996). He worked as a consultant for the Canadian Tourism Research Institute of the Conference Board of Canada on survey related work. In relation to the Canadian Travel Survey, a multi million dollar annual survey, he (1) participated in a study of research needs and options; (2) was lead researcher in an audit/review; (3) supported a consultant in providing tourism professionals from the provinces with the information needed to clarify what data they wanted and with what accuracy.

As one sees below, he has over 40 publications since retiring from the Government of Canada in 1996. In 2001 a major thrust was preparing material for the Taiwan Forest Service in support of English speaking tourism to the Alishan Forest Recreation Area in south-central Taiwan. He has been heavily involved in dealing with accuracy, reliability and getting better estimates for longer-tail distributions (e.g., of expenditures). He has also been concerned with facilitating data analysis by appropriate relational structuring of complex data.

Numerous publications have resulted from various thrusts and cooperative ventures in Taiwan, Canada and the USA.


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