Jay Beaman
Jay Beaman – 2014
Dr. Beaman has a broad background. He was a founding director of Auctor Consulting Associates, Ltd. (closed as a company in 2012 but “perpetuated” in AuctorResearch.net. He is adjunct faculty at Colorado State University and  cooperates in research at National Chia-yi University, Taiwan, D.O.C.  He received a BA Cum Laude in physics (1961); High Hounours in Mathematics (1962) and MA in Mathematical Statistics (1964) from University of Saskatchewan. His PhD is in Sociology from Cornell (1973).  His work has included research in physics, sociology, leisure, tourism, town planning, demography, economics and physical education. He has taught at universities.  

His work career has been varied. He taught at the University of Saskatchewan. He worked as a consultant with his own company and other ones. Much of 24 years with the Government of Canada (GOC) was as a senior manager with Parks Canada with a corporate responsibility for socio-economic research. Specifically, he was responsible for seeing that decisions in relation to development and operations were made considering markets; and economic and social impacts. After retirement from the GOC, his work with his company, Auctor Consulting, involved work for Statistics Canada, regarding statistics for states in the USA and a variety of projects in Taiwan.

He has had extensive experience carrying out large, multi-disciplinary projects. In the private sector, he has had a lead role in such projects as optimal truck routing, inventory control, optimal warehouse design to meet certain engineering and inventory criteria, optimal recreation facility design, and urban renewal studies. For Parks Canada, he led the Canadian Outdoor Recreation Demand Study (CORDS) to successful conclusion and then pursued other thrusts identified in “Work for Parks Canada”.

General Work Background