Deheaping Software (DHSW)

Provided with the cooperation of Jay Beaman, Jerry Vaske,

Jennifer I. Schmidt, Craig Alan Miller, Andrew Stephenson
(see Craig’s link for affiliation) and TC Huan (Dean of Management NCYU, Taiwan)

Some literature you may want to read and cannot easily access can be made available. The link below gets you to the pages on literature and some access to literature.

What you  have access to.
Learning program.
Program 2: Estimates with STD.
Program 3: Estimating Best Heap Share.
Continuing Development.
Go to AuctorResearch Home.
Quick start for using the deheaping program.

This site is to serve two purposes. Improving deheaping is a scientific goal. Making an easily usable program that uses the best tested deheaping methods readily available is a practical goal. From review of a paper, the choice was made to keep the practical separate from the development. Therefore, somebody just interested is seeing the consequences of prototype heaping on estimates should go to “Quick start for using the deheaping program”.