DHSW- PROGRAM 2: A Deheaping Program for Estimates with Standard Deviations

   Below is the button for downloading a deheaping program that is used for deheaping and producing standard deviations in estimates. To see general program logic click the button.


   What you actually download is a zip file. The Zip is in “traditional” format so using it should not be a problem. To get started, the simple approach is to unzip what you download into a new (empty) directory like c:\deheap\ (one where you’d keep a program and e.g. right click selecting “unzip here”).  What you download in a .ZIP includes the ESTIMATION AND STANDARD DEVIATION COMPUTATION FOR HEAP BIAS- basic instructions.doc, which provides instructions on how to proceed. See Literature (off home) for “draft” material with equations, etc. re estimation principles and code.

    To download the .ZIP right click below and select an

“Open Link ... ” option and select save.  


Download Estimates with STD.
Program 3: Estimating Best Heap Share
General flow chart Program 2

NOTE: A new version of Program 2 will be released soon. This version will have a graphic showing deheaping and allows for responses being weighted. Click here for info.