DHSW- PROGRAM 1: A Deheaping Program for Learning How the Deheaping Program Works

   Below is the button for downloading a deheaping program that is set up so you can run it step by step to see what the program is doing. Documentation in the program tells you something about the 10 steps that you can run. Clicking the button that follows lets you see in general terms what the program does         .In fact, when it comes to iteration to get improved estimates, you are told how to run some of the steps “manually” so you can even see what goes on when the code is “included” that does much of what is done in some steps.


   What you actually download is a zip file. Zip is in “traditional” format so using it should not be a problem. To get started, the simple approach is to unzip what you download into a new (empty) directory like c:\deheap (e.g., put the file in that directory and select “unzip here”).  What you will have includes the SAS deheaping program(version ID).docx and/or PDF, which provides instructions on how to proceed.

     To download the .ZIP right click below and select an

“Open Link ... ” option and select save.  


Download Learning Program.
Program 2: Estimates with STD