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CORDS (Canadian Outdoor Recreation Demand Study- 1976)


Posting Being Revised in the  Spring of 2014

FHWAR (Fishing, Hunting and Wildlife Related Activities

For Data Diagrams to Improve Data Structure & Research

Much research published today refers to people or tourists when person-days, person trips or other units apply.  Units of analysis-count-measurement require consideration .

Other topics are:

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Bias & Accuracy,

Surveys-Sampling,    Long tailed distributions,   Weighting,

Activity Packages/Segments

Cronbach’s α and scale validity


Material relating to topic below is in CORDS and publications.

Loading Curves (e.g.. Park, Facility, etc.)

Supply and emissiveness, Attractiveness,   Alternatives, Visitor Flow and more

Addressing structural concerns with Cronbach’s α has been ongoing for years. Publication is now beginning.