Quick start for deheaping prototype heaps (Update of 2016-12-21)      The article “Measuring and Correcting Response Heaping Arising From the Use of Prototypes” has been published (2015, Human Dimensions of Wildlife, 20:167–173). That article being available may have brought you here. Or, you may be here for some other reason.

Regardless, when this page was last updated the statement was “A greatly upgraded version of the deheaping program was identified.” In fact, thanks to financial input from CSU and time input from Auctor Research, as of November 2015 the deheaping program is available with a new interface and other innovations such as output that some users feel are a big improvement.

It is now December 2016. An upgrade to the deheaping program had a serious bug. The development team hopes that nobody has been impacted. The program is being tested with simulated data and all results have been OK. If you encounter bugs, you can contact the developers with the email “link” provided. Emails will be acknowledged but action may not be quick.

Documentation is an issue. Beaman and Vaske are working on a paper that brings theory and concepts up to date. We hope the paper will be available in the spring of 2017. The paper provides information on an R program that one may want to consider for smoothing of expenditure and some other data.  

You can access adequate documentation on using the program and more using the documentation download button below.  You may want to see the the “documentation” PDF (zipped) prior to considering downloading the FULL ZIP with the program and more. By using the password DHP_AR_CSU you agree to cite the document downloaded if you use ideas or content of it in publications.

The figures accessed by the figure button may be helpful now or you can go to the next page of introduction.

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